The platform gives you the ability to modernize your daily life through the electronic issuance of your documents from any device, wherever you are, while simultaneously covering your obligation to the tax authority for the transfer of your income to MyData.

The platform is easy to use and has been designed with the aim of facilitating the user to save professional time.

We have covered all the specificities of the following professional groups:

  1. Notaries
  2. Lawyers - Engineers (Withheld - Prepaid Taxes)
  3. Hotels - Accommodations (Automatic calculation of municipal tax and automation in the issuance of the Special Stay Tax Element)
  4. Funeral Office (Expenses on behalf of the client)
  5. Accountants (centralized control of clients' income/expenses, categorization of clients' expenses in MyData, etc.) by DG Finance

Our platform allows users to issue tax documents with simplicity and speed. Through our application, they can generate and send documents to MYDATA, without complex procedures or unnecessary delays.

We cover all GR invoice types:
- Services
- Health
- Legal
- Hotel
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