Electronic Issuance of Documents

We really enjoy having you here! Welcome to e-timologisi.eu, the platform that allows you to issue your tax documents safely and easily. Through our application, you will be able to manage your documents with simplicity and efficiency, leaving us to take care of your speed and security.

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Electronic Issuance of Documents

Create customers in 2 steps

Issuance of Documents in 3 clicks.


With an interface to the MyData platform of the Greek tax authorities, we offer the possibility of transmitting your documents safely and efficiently


Our application is designed to provide fast and efficient document issuance, ensuring the smooth running of your business.


Accessible from any device and location, our app offers the flexibility you need to manage your tax documents.


Our application provides the ability to interface with electronic invoicing providers, thus covering 100% of the B2C market.


Bulk sending of documents

Automatic update of myDATA

With e-timologisi.eu, you issue and send documents directly to MYDATA. Simple, fast, reliable. Choose us to facilitate the management of your tax affairs

Immediate issue

Automatic sending to MYDATA

easy management

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electronic invoicing

Online invoicing made easy

electronic invoicing

With e-timologisi.eu, document management is simple and fast. Through our application, you issue your documents in a few simple steps, while you instantly send a large number of documents to MYDATA. Enjoy the simplicity and efficiency of e-timologisi.eu for easy and reliable management

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Interface of e-timologisi & myDATA electronic books of AADE

easy and reliable.

AADE's e-books intend to introduce the Greek economy into the age of digital technology. By building a stable bridge with the MyDATA platform, e-timologisi helps businesses get used to new data. In addition, it aims to facilitate the transmission of documents, reducing the cost of sending them and limiting the wasted time of every entrepreneur.

  • What is included?
    Secure Management of Tax Documents (B2B & B2C): Speed and Ease at Your Fingertips
  • What is not included?
    Στα πακέτα μας δεν περιλαμβάνονται επιπλέον λειτουργίες:
    • διαβίβαση και χαρακτηρισμός δαπανών
    • σύνδεση με ηλεκτρονικό πάροχο
    • υποκαταστήματα χρήστη
    • ειδικοί τύποι παραστατικών

Wherever and however you are

Access from Any Device

No matter what device you use, be it a computer, tablet or smartphone, you can access our app with ease




All Companies


Direct access and management of MYDATA obligations of all customers

Additional opportunities for accountants


Characterization of multiple outputs

With speed and ease, the characterization of each customer's reflected expenses can be done. In addition, there is a possibility of mass classification of similar expenses.


Transfer and characterization of unreimbursed expenses

Expenses such as: Payroll, Rent, EFKA, Subscriptions, etc. are simply and easily transmitted and characterized


Financial reports

The accountant is easily informed about the progress of his clients and receives immediate knowledge about every issue

The ideal electronic invoicing for you

Do you send invoices to clients over and over again? Use automatic reissuance of invoices and sending by email.


What our customers think


  • Εκδίδω τα παραστατικά μου σε λιγότερο από 30 δευτερόλεπτα!!! Συστήνω ανεπιφύλακτα!

    η εύχρηστη λύση!

    η εύχρηστη λύση!

  • Με την εφαρμογή ξεμπέρδεψα με πολλά άγχοι. Από το κινητό μου εκδίδω όλα τα παραστατικά από όπου και αν βρίσκομαι!

    Η λύση του υδραυλικού!

    Η λύση του υδραυλικού!

  • A straight forward tool to issue my invoices. Needed less than 10mins presetation!

    Highly reccomended.

    Staight Forward!

    Staight Forward!